What Category Do You Seek To Coach In?

As the adage goes, “If you seek, you will find.” We’re all born with an intrinsic desire to seek out. Watch any kid for 5 minutes and you’ll see that’s true. The moment they can co-ordinate their limbs into forward momentum, they find an object, and head towards it.

Well that doesn’t change when you’re older does it.

When you became a business coach, you probably thought the same thought thing that so many have thought before you.”I am really good at _____ in the category of ____.

I should teach people to do this.”

We think in categories, in taxonomies, because that’s how we make sense of the universe. When things are in order, the universe is working. Google works because people have tagged the things they’ve created, so that other people can find them. The moment Google stops being able to find us what we’re looking for, there will be widespread panic.

Think about that for a sec.

So it stands to reason, that in your coaching business, you are naturally seeking out a category. It’s probably a category you’re familiar with because who wants to advise someone else about something they don’t understand right?

What a horrible feeling that would be. We might even cause widespread panic!

Coaches have all kinds of categories they work within. Some coach small business owners, others coach mumpreneurs. Others coach women CEOs, and others still coach funded startup types.

What category are you seeking?