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 The Growth Coaches guide that shows you how to separate yourself from competitors by making an emotional connection with your prospects.

Complimentary Guide

Hi — 

My name is Justin Theng. I help business owners and their teams who are stuck in marketing chaos or who have too few leads. I help them bring their brand and messaging to life, provide frameworks that generate more leads, and create world-class ads so their marketing becomes profitable. 

This short guide will show you how. 

It’s a given that the relationship between a business and its customer is transactional. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with people at an emotional level. 

As humans, we can’t help the desire to place everything into categories. It makes us more comfortable when we know where things sit in relation to us and our world. We make categories for friends, when we call some best friends, and others acquaintances. We put groceries into aisles, so we know where to find things. Our spoons and forks have a place in our kitchen, and dishes. Do the eggs belong on the counter top, or in the fridge? 

So is it any surprise that when we think about the products and services we choose from, that we also place them into categories? In many cases, the categories are decided by price. But a much more powerful way to categorise is by brand persona. The brands that leave a lasting impact on us all have distinct personalities, a point of view, and a way of saying and doing things. In fact, we feel most passionate about brands that share similar values to our own.